Why I Write Young Adult and Horror

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Welcome! I am normally not a blogging type of person, but I’m giving it a good try. So here we go…

Why do I write young adult books and horror?


So why young adult?

Young Adult

For me, young adult is about finding something new to explore. You have a little wisdom in the characters, but the angst that drives them to know more. Simply said, they are young enough to have some moral compass, but young enough not to care about what will happen and to be brave enough to do whatever compels them to act in any given situations.

I love to explore the first kiss, the first touch, and the firsts that comes from being a teenager. Even the first experiences with all the horror in this life. Strong female characters, defending her friends, family, and those who need her is a subject I absolutely love to write and read about.


One of my favorite young adult characters is Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. She is sweet, funny, very smart, loyal, and she’d kick your butt if you tried to hurt anyone she loves. She’s also the heart of the Potter trio and the brains (in my opinion). 

So why horror?

Why Horror

When I grew up, I was never allowed to watch romance movies except for a few pre-approved romantic comedies. Thrillers were fine, but I was allowed to watch horror movies. I’ve been watching horror movies since the young, impressionable age of 4. It first started with a 1960s campy soap opera, Dark Shadows.

Dark Shadows

My parents had us watch all 26 video collections, because they were good. I loved the storylines and the characters. There was a remake in 1991, which was really good and not as campy. Unfortunately, they cancelled the show in the middle of the first season, ending when Victoria Winters wakes up from coming back to present day Maine from colonial Maine aka Massachusetts. You can watch the whole show at hulu: http://www.hulu.com/dark-shadows. FYI, it has a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing David Collins.

Because of this show and how NBC handled the cancellation, I refuse to watch first seasons of any new show, even if I really want to. That’s because they ending Dark Shadows on such a pivotal scene in the storytelling, it’s incomplete and still drives me a little nuts to this day. I won’t invest time and energy into a show if it’s going to get cancelled in the middle of the first season. Nope. Not happening to me again.

This was my first taste of the horror genre, since then I have gotten into horror novels, including Bram Stoker’s Dracula (don’t be fooled by the movie, because the book is SO much better), anything written by Stephen King, Joe Hill, but the first horror author I read (since I could read) is RL Stine. I wrote book reports based upon his book.

Eye Candy

One of my favorite books that he has written is Eye Candy. MTV made it into a TV series. Unfortunately, the network strikes again and it’s been canceled. At least MTV has put in a whole season (a mere 10 episodes).

All of this has been a huge influence on me as a writer where I always look in the backseat before getting into my car, jumping onto my bed so that slimy green hand doesn’t grab my ankles and pull me to a horrific death, and an opened door is never just open. There is always something lurking behind it. That’s why I write horror. Personally, I love romance and literary fiction as well, but I always get bored half way through the manuscript.

What am I working on right now?

penny wise

Right now I am editing a work in progress, entitled: “The Whispering.” It’s getting some new chapters to tell the main character’s story in a better, more interesting way. It is dark urban fantasy, young adult, horror, and it gave a beta reader some not so pleasant dreams. I’m taking this novel to ThrillerFest in New York this year, which I’m SO, SO, SO excited about!!! 

Then I have a new novel that is all outlined, character arcs done, and ready to go. I’m excited to write this new novel. It is a vampire novel (think Dracula and Salem’s Lot), so it probably will never see the light of day, but this novel is for me.

May I ask you all, what do you like to read? What is your favorite book and/or TV show from your childhood? I’d love suggestions since I’m always looking for something new and exciting. Please leave a reply below. 🙂


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