Child Post 1: The Royal Wedding and Prince Harry

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I'm a princess

This post isn’t about writing, but a story that happened a couple of weeks ago.

It begins with a little girl. Normally, I won’t talk about my children. I’m a single mom to a 7 year-old boy, who is non-verbal autistic. I will call T-Boy. I have a 5 year-old girl who I will call Lady. I’m not posting pictures or their real names. Since this story has made everyone that I have told laugh, I’m going to blog about it.

waking up

My daughter, Lady, hates to go to bed. She is 5 and has autism along with ADHD, but most importantly Lady is kind, loving, and freaking hilarious. She says whatever comes to her mind. The girl has maybe 5% of brain to tongue filter.


For years, she has loved Halloween. She loved to talk about pumpkins, ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies, trick or treating, and loved to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (Thank you Tim Burton) and her favorite book was Room on the BroomWhen Lady was 3 years old, she drew pumpkins and witches on her Easter basket craft. I was like: YES! YOU’RE AWESOME, LADY!


And she LOVES to read!

Lady is high functioning and has a speech delay, but that doesn’t stop her from saying what she thinks. She does have some trouble with identifying social cues, but since starting Kindergarten, she has grown leaps and bounds. Also, Kindergarten has ushered in a new ear in our house:



Lady wants me to dye her hair blonde and keeps asking when she is going to develop special powers like Princess Elsa. My response is, hair dye when she becomes a teenager, if I could give her special powers, I would. But my brown-haired, with red highlight girl is fabulous, but she’s all sassy and feisty. Like Princess Anna.


She is currently growing out her hair like Rapunzel.

tangled 2

Then came Cinderella.


Lady fell in love with the story, but most of all, the beautiful blue dress!

Cinder Dances

She has asked when is her prince is going to come and when can get a blue dress like that! Then the glass slippers came on-screen, it she squealed. This girl has more shoes than me!! When we talk about princesses and princes and fashion (as she wants to become a fashion designer when she grows up), I’m like:


This is going to be fun! I love to talk about make up and fashion and pretty much anything that Lady likes. She is passionate about her likes. Recently, she designed her own cape so that she could be fashionable.

That’s the back story to the story. The main story goes like this:

I starts with Lady having to go to bed. Prince Harry’s face in this GIF was pretty close to Lady’s face when it’s bedtime.

Angry Harry

She then always asks: “Could I stay up for 1,000 minutes before I go to bed?”

And me? I’m all like:


So Lady went to bed, and I grabbed my iPad to sit in her room since she has recently developed a fear of the dark. Once we are settled in, she asks if there are real Princes and Princesses in the world. I tell her there are. Lady get’s all excited.

Harry 2

Lady get’s excited, but then she asks for proof. I go onto YouTube and show her Prince William and Princess Kate’s wedding.

At first, Lady was bored watching guests arrive at Westminster Abbey. Until she saw this!

Evil Step Sisters

The conversation went something like this:

Lady: “Who are those guys?”

Me: “Those girls are princesses.”

Lady: (making a disgusted face) “They are princesses?”

Me: “Yes.”

Lady: “They look like witches.”

Me: “Witches?”

Lady: “Because they have horns on their heads!” (Like it was obvious)

This is what she was thinking about:


Me: “Those aren’t horns.”

Lady: “Yes.”

Me: “No. Those hats are called fascinators. I know, they’re ugly hats.”

Lady: (shaking her head) “They don’t look like princesses.”

Then Princess Kate arrived, and she was done with the fascinators.

the dress

Her squeal was adorable. Then the conversation went as followed:

Lady: “Oh I love that dress. I want that dress, and the veil. Oh the earrings. Could I have those earrings? Is that a crown?”

Me: “No, sweetie. That’s a tiara.”

Lady: “I though princesses wore crowns?”

Me: “That would be the queen. She’s a princess so she gets to wear a tiara.”

Lady: “When am I going to be able wear a tiara? When do I get to be a princess?”

Me: “Well. Either you’re born a princess or you marry a prince.”

Lady: “Oh.”

The wedding on, and all she could talk about with Princess Kate’s dress and how beautiful it would look on her (Lady).

walking to the carriage

Once they left Westminster Abbey (which she gushed over and how she wanted to go to church there and be married there), she stopped gushing over the dress, because of this!


Lady loves to ride horses, and she is good at it. As soon as she saw the carriage and the horses, the conversation switched to whether she’d ride a white horse or a black horse back to the palace. Lady isn’t going to be pulled in a carriage! Like this:




The camera filmed the audience, and Lady can read, so when these ladies popped onto the screen,

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 6.07.06 PM

She said: “Huh?”

Me: “The banner says: ‘Marry me, Harry.'”

Lady: “Who is Harry?”

Me: “A prince.”

Lady: “Ewww! A boy is named Harry? That is a horrible name, and princes aren’t named Harry.”

Me: “Well, that’s his name.”

Lady: “No. Prince’s are name:


Harry 1








Not Harry! It’s such a horrible name. I don’t like that name. Do you like that name, Mommy?”

Me: “Yes, Lady. I like that name.”

Lady: “I don’t. It’s a horrible name.” (She knows a few big words)

Me: “I think Harry is a nickname.”

Lady: “Oh. Okay.”

She continues to watch video, then asks: “Why do they want to marry him?”

Me: “Um…Well. He’s pretty cool and nice, and I suspect it’s because he’s a prince.”

Lady: (she didn’t look convinced) “That’s it?”

Me: “I think they want to kiss him, because they love him.”


Lady: “Why don’t they just go up to him and kiss him?”

Kissing Kissing

This is the girl who at 4 years old, cornered a boy in the school yard and kissed him!

Me: “Because it’s called assault.”

Lady: “What’s assaulting about kissing?”

Me: “Ummm….?”

Lady: “They want to kiss him. He (Lady meant she) should just kiss him.”

Then this comes on the screen:


Lady: “Look. They’re kissing.”

Me: “That’s because they just got married.”

Lady: “Okay, but why would she kiss Prince Harry?”

Me: “That’s Prince William.”

Lady: (nods) “Good name.”

Me: (laughing) “Okay, sweetie. It’s time for bed.”

Lady: “Do you want to kiss Prince Harry?”

Me: “Nope. I don’t think I’m his type, and besides, I don’t know him. I don’t go around kissing random guys. It’s better to know them before kissing them.”

Lady: “Like friends?”

Me: “Yes. Good night, Lady.”

bye bye

After a bit of a fight, she finally went to sleep. For weeks, I was considering on whether to post it or not. In the end, I decided to post it, because it was a very funny conversation. Not only that, I want to be able to show it to her in a few years.

So that is my 5 year-old. She is sweet, funny, and really needs to learn to filter her thoughts. She is wonderful, and even now, she wears her toy tiara from Cinderella and insists on wearing princess dresses. I love her a lot, and I’m loving this princess phase right now. I hope it lasts for another year or two.

What are your favorite princesses?


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