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Two of my sisters and I love to watch terrible movies. In fact, we have a competition about who can pick out the worst of the worst. Here are four movies that we love to watch over and over again.


Just Visitng


“Just Visiting” is an American retelling of the 1993 French comedy blockbuster “Les Visiteurs” in which stars Jean Reno and Christian Clavier reprise their popular roles for original director Jean-Marie Gaubert. In the film, A French nobleman, Count Thibault of Malfete (Jean Reno) and his servant André (Christian Clavier) find themselves in modern day Chicago — transported from the 12th century due to a wizard’s flawed time-travel potion.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 33% 


Just Visiting is one of those movies that make you cringe, but you’re laughing so hard that it makes up for the bad script. Julia (Christina Applegate) is a pushover. Her boyfriend calls her bunny and is cheating on her. Count Thibault isn’t terribly clever and his manservant, Andre, is very stupid. Count Thibault accidentally kills his fiancé, Lady Rosalind, who looks exactly like Julia. Thibault needs a wizard. In comes Malcolm McDowell. He forgets a key ingredient in the postion that will send him back a few hours to stop the murder. Thibault and Andre are sent to modern day Chicago (Or the early 2000s). They meet Julia, and she takes them home (thinking he is a long lost relative). The boyfriend is a jerk, and it’s funny to watch Thibault and Andre navigate the modern world; including, killing a car, eating a “mint” from the toilet, and Andre eating at a table with is master instead of being thrown scraps. Julia learns to be more assertive and Thibault goes back to save his “one true love.” It’s fun to watch and worth the rental price.

Favorite Scene:

The restaurant scene where Andre mistakes a Clorox drop-in in the urinal for a dinner mint.





Lt. Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is a weapons officer aboard the destroyer USS John Paul Jones, while his older brother, Stone (Alexander Skarsgård), is the commanding officer of the USS Sampson. Unknown to Alex, Stone or the rest of the U.S. Navy, alien invaders have arrived on Earth with plans to steal Earth’s resources. When a confrontation with the invaders knocks out the Navy’s radar capability, American and Japanese forces must work together to find a way to save the planet.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 34%


I LOVE end of the world movies. They are awesome! I love Alexander Skarsgard. That’s why I went to see this. Totally worth it! It’s loud and completely implausible. We love it in my family. Hopper is an ass, but a hot one. Rhianna is good. I love how they use the grid system like the board game. I wish they had used the line: “You sunk my battleship!” It would have made the cheesiness more complete. I have referenced this movie in a novel that I wrote last year.

Favorite Scene:

The chicken burrito scene where Hopper tries to get Sam’s attention. He offers her a chicken burrito for five minutes, which at the end he gets tasered.



A Cinderella Story


Sam (Hilary Duff), a teenager in California, is obliged to work as a janitor and dishwasher in the diner of her stepmother (Jennifer Coolidge). After a cell phone mix-up, Sam begins an anonymous text-messaging and e-mail relationship with a boy. They agree to meet at a school dance, but when Sam finds out that her secret pen pal is none other than Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray), the cutest boy in school, she panics and looks for a way to make herself cooler.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 11%


Two words: Jennifer Coolidge. She is very funny. I love her in Austenland and Legally Blonde. While they are good, my sisters and I picked A Cinderella Story because of the word “moist.” When this movie came out, we were watching Dead Like Me (seriously go watch this show). In the TV show, Georgia Lass’s mother thinks the word moist is pornographic. Then we went to see A Cinderella Story. The cookie scene made us laughed so much that the other people in the theater told us to shut up. It’s a good teen movie/chick flick.

Favorite Scene:

The cookie scene where the stepmother says the word moist. Did I mention how much I love Jennifer Coolidge?





With four beautiful daughters of marrying age, Manorama (Nadira Babbar) and Chaman Bakshi (Anupam Kher) frantically seek out the perfect husbands for their children. Yet their eldest daughter, Lalita (Aishwarya Rai), is intent upon marrying at her own choosing, for love. Lalita endures a number of hopeful suitors, but the American William Darcy (Martin Henderson) seems different — and not always in a good way. Misunderstandings, schemes and lies threaten to keep the two from true love.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A


Bollywood isn’t for everyone, but this little gem is funny. I love the random songs, and Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite stories. The acting isn’t bad and I think mostly it is liked. My friend came to see it with us. Her and I were the only ones who liked it from our group. We still sing a couple of the songs.

Favorite Scene:

The scene is a musical number called “No Life Without Life.” We sing this a lot.





 In Los Angeles, siblings Ellie (Christina Ricci) and Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg) come across an accident on Mulholland Drive. As they try to help the woman caught in the wreckage, a ferocious creature attacks them, devouring the woman and scratching the terrified siblings. They slowly discover that the creature was a werewolf and that they have fallen victim to a deadly curse. Now that they have been sliced by the werewolf’s claws, they will be transformed into werewolves themselves.

 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 16%


I’m not going to talk a lot about this movie, simply because we don’t like it save for one scene where a werewolf flips everyone off. We still talk about this scene. Enjoy.



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