One Heck of a Year

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It’s been a year or so since I last written anything on this blog. Mainly because it’s been a roller coaster of a year. Honestly, it felt like life is the table and I am Officer Hops waiting on a sloth.


So here is what life is for my family and me.


I have 2 kids. Both have varying degrees of autism.


My son is 9 years old, laughs loudly, and for the most part is non-verbal. He has mood disorders, a sleep disorder, OCD, ADHD, Anxiety, and GI problems. Actually, he has H. Pylori, chronic constipation, and esophagitis. He also has sensory problems where he cannot stand clothing, being in a bathtub, in crowds, and sitting on a toilet.


The GI problems came crashing into our lives last July. He has been gaining weight, even though his appetite has decreased.


After seeing more than 1 doctor, the consensus is that he cannot take the medication to get rid of the H. Pylori, because of the sensory problems. He cannot handle certain textures in his mouth (or tastes).

This comes back to the diet where everyone says if you would take away the 10 foods he will eat, then he will get hungry enough to eat what is put in front of him.


Really? You don’t think I haven’t tried that????


Of course I have, you judgmental moron!!!! I have tried every way humanly possible (with the doctor’s help) to try to change his diet and to try and get the medications into my son so that he will feel better. It’s like that time I tried to sneak a stool softener into a Swiss Cake Roll. My son cocked an eyebrow, grinned like the Grinch getting all the presents in Whoville, and threw it across the room. That was my son’s way of saying:


He is still in a lot of pain, but we are managing it with the help of his gastro doctor, his pediatrician, his speech therapist, his occupational therapist, and his behavioralist. Plus my parents.


My daughter, Lady, is finishing up the second grade in public school. Due to her autism, she had a teacher’s aide who helped Lady with academics and socializing (as a symptom of her autism is social-awkwardness). She had this TA up until a year ago, when Lady (who was 6 years old at the time) told her:

you're fired.gif

Having the TA was on her IEP, but the administration still removed the TA as Lady was showing “independence.” This was NEVER discussed with me until after the fact.


Anyway, her second grade year has been one drama-filled migraine of Lady’s grades going down and the rise of the era of THE BULLIES!!!

the bullies.gif

I have gone into the school to try and get some type of help for Lady (both academic and the bullying), and all I have gotten was excuse. . .



. . .After excuse. . .


. . .After excuse. . .


They even suggested that it was Lady who was the problem, so they wrote her social stories.Shit

I have even attempted to contact the district’s administration, who never called or emailed back. EVER!!! Not even when another kid told Lady that he wants to kill her.


This Mama is done.

my reaction

Now I’m getting ready for homeschool next year.

I am scouring YouTube, Pinterest, academic websites, asking friends for help, and relying on prayers.


When I get anxious and self-doubt creeps in, I push it out as self-doubt as it does no good. I tell myself I’m Wonder Woman as I have successfully taken care of 2 special needs kids without a husband (he left years ago and my parents have been helping us ever since). I have written novels, and have successfully gotten through my first year of graduate school for special education. I have even built a bookcase in was supposed to be my office, but is now our homeschool room.


Yes. I did that because I’m awesome!!! Thank you very much!!!

I am also going to be starting my second year of grad school in the fall, homeschooling Lady, and helping T-Boy through all of his crap (literal and metaphorical).



wonder woman




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